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Well said, you are the bottom dweller “crabs”. I got to


Well said, you are the bottom dweller “crabs”. I got to a point where I don't want to be a product of society (“age 30”). I have always felt compelled to never give up. At my age, i find myself at times upset because all I want to be is coexist along with people who can understand that I am not the sharpest tool in the shed. I care way touch for people thinking that I can stop or prevent something bad from happening. My grammar, communication, and language is heavily impair. I don't like complaining. It never gets you anywhere in life. I have nothing in common with people and I don't want to socialize with others because I learned to the best way for me to hold a job long enough is to stay away from the majority of successful people. I appear as a “****” and I am happy being by myself. You don't own me anything if I should act out. I may appear aggressive but this is how I learned to toughen up and not back down from someone else who gets in my face and says “i will kick my butt” or someone theatens you. I never step down from an argument because I believe that standing up shows character. These days, you have to applogize if you say something offensive when it isn't. I don't blame them, and I am not a burden. I do NOT have depression and don't say I do. I don't play violent video games. Dont tell me what is best for me. Bright lights/reflection, not able to understand reading between the "lines" (whatever they are), random hand play touching, hitting, picking, and my tip toe walking will NEVER change. "This is who I am", I guess you can label me as mentally ill. I get along with some individuals, business owners, and co-workers that i can always count on and relate with and I function best in small groups. You trust everyone but unknowingly fall victim to people who are jealous, envious, and rude. Those with ASD are the utmost respectful, honest, and have integrity. Over time, you feel “less than" and I learn to adjust. The future that I see me clean, organized, and living in the wilderness. I don't see myself anywhere near society. That is why I am going to learn how to survive without money. I will do everything I can to pull though it. I was diagnosed with “autism” at 21 and I don't qualify for disability because I look “normal” and I am married. ("I really wanted to fit in and don't take hand outs") I truly wanted to fit in but with every job. People, who don't know me will continue to judge me. Sitting here, my life has fallen apart since moving from NJ. I was more accepted as an individual with autism than I am here in NC. My employer thinks they know what is best for me but “They aren't me”. They don't know what some individuals who have been bullied on the spectrum have gone through. I cannot find peace with one event in my life when I only sat at my desk in high school. I really appreciate "Emma Gonzalez". Clearly, this generation is "Mass shootings". It's sad to live in America and to have second amendments rights. I respect guns and gun ownership. But Come on America, we have to evolve at some point and get away from this "good guy with a gun stops a bad guy with a gun." I prefer to see national guard troops at schools. I feel after writing this. I will get some heated remarks. But this is who I am. Don't judge me, or try to understand me. I'm strangely random and I have a job interview. Goodnight <|=)

Note: Not proof reading, and in a rush. Apply apologies ahead of time. Thank you for reading my rant and rave.

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May 17

You make some good points. Unfortunately, as you know, we havent evolved enough yet to allow others to be who they are. Someone who looks or behaves differently makes us uncomfortable so we react by judging them. The judging, in turn, pushes people apart rather then bringing them together.

We still rely on outside events like 9/11 to bring us together and that is always temporary. Or we rely on laws like those for people with disabilities to require us to do the right thing. Even then the process of acceptance is very slow.

What that shows is that our upbringing, especially our first 5 years where our most important values are learned, is much more powerful than any event or law in determining our ability to welcome and accept others as they are. We are not there yet. I am optimistic, however, that we will get there.

May 17

@kgmaxwell I can understand if someone is annoying. That brags about their disability. But I don't want attention, I just want to be accepted as who I am. I need things to work for me. Not saying to make it easier but to accommodate if I ask for it. I worked at my last company and I am coming back on as a dispatcher. They know that I am a hard worker and employees vounch for me. But I don't enjoy it when someone else is playing games with you and says "he can't do something but yet is not doing anything at all and sleeps on the job."


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