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I have to be serious about living poor from this day forward

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I have to be serious about living poor from this day forward.
How much do I need to live on?
1. Clothes 5 days max
#. 6 Work pants
#. 6 shorts
#. 10 shirts
#. 10 socks, UA
#. 3-5 coveralls
A. Socks, UW, pants, shirts ("checked")
B. MUST BUY "coveralls" ("checked")
2. Locate laundry store
3. Locate shower ("checked")
4. Job proximity
5. Chipotle locations ("checked")
6. Backpack type
A. Lightweight
B. Weather proof
C. Durable
7. Shelter
A. Abandoned house
B. Car
C. Street
D. Job
E. Roof
G. Tree
H. Treehouse
I. Parcel property
8. Insulation/survival guide
A. Eating fish
B. Killing birds
9. [Blank space]
10. State/traveling/seasonal
A. State
1. NJ: jobs and autism friendly
2. NC: no jobs, not autism friendly
3. Hi: unexplored vacation
B. Traveling
1. Camping
2. Planning
3. Resources
4. Vehicle
5. Money
C. Seasonal
1. Toronto (?)
2. NJ
3. Hi (?)
4. NC
5. SC
11. Protection
A. Pepper spray
B. Taser
C. Bow/arrow
11. Autism disability
A. I disqualify because I look "normal"
B. Recorded as "aggressive"
C. Married
D. Process
12. Music
A. Library
B. Free WiFi

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May 16

Impressive list.

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May 16

I have to factor in what is the most important.
1. NJ because
2. Chipotle
3. Wawa look for...
4. Laundry ... Equala
5. Job without internet application
6. Night time job
7. GYM check !!
8. Abandoned home. Checked !!
9. WiFi convenients checked !!
10. Lake for swimming ("4") checked
11. Rain, winter, snow, coveralls
I think I am ready

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May 16

@Error101 I need a backpack big enough


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