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I just had my cast removed from my ankle replacement. Unfort

I just had my cast removed from my ankle replacement. Unfortunately being non weight barring for 4 months has flarred up my back arthritis and the MRI and X rays show now disks and pinched nerves in my lumbar. My question is when is enough? I already have replaced knee and shoulder. Someone suggested I enter a support group so here I am! Thank you

Sep 16

I'm sorry you are going through so much. Are you restricted from all kinds of stretching too such as arm circles, shoulder rolls, neck stretching, lifting your legs things like that? If you are able too sit out in the sun everyday and open the curtains/blindes it will help with depression. Get out as much as you can do whatever you are in control of.

Nov 16

Clbattles, I am new here and see ur post. How are you doing? Most likely I will be having the same surgery once my bones nit together. I have a crushed ankle. They say it is so bad I may have to get everything fused. I pray I will heal well, to be able to have an ankle replacement instead of fusing.
I hope your healing well with ur ankle replacement.


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