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Below 50% in both knees as of two years ago. have avoided th

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Below 50% in both knees as of two years ago. have avoided the injections thus far. Stretching. Squats. Lots of bicycling. Stepper. Have a referral for a good sports medicine clinic. I just have to suck it up and go. Some days are really painful. Compression sleeves help a lot. Winter will be hell. Ibuprofen works for now, but I only take it every other day (600mg) because I hate pills. Whiskey also takes the edge off. I've been going low impact with my workouts these last couple years. I suppose at my age that's okay.

I think my body doesn't love me anymore.

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Nov 9

I know the feeling

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Nov 9

Sorry to hear that @Narodnik57 I also suffer from Arthritis and understand what a different reality that is for us. I don't have pain free days anymore, it's just a matter of if it's going to be a 3 on a good day or a 9 during a bad day on the pain scale. Yea compression garments can be very helpful. Physical Therapy has been helpful for me though it's no cure. Keep exploring the different options out there and figure out what works for you.


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