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Hello I'm a 46 old male with a obesity problem. It hard for

Hello I'm a 46 old male with a obesity problem. It hard for me to lose the weight its causing my health to decline body feel with pain I have a trachea I'm at the end of my rope and it scares me it hard for me to work out I don't know what to do I'm not giving up I want a better life I'm tried of being left behind I don't have friends beside my wife I need help . I'm here looking for people who share some of the problem or had some of the same . God bless all

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Jan 30

Derrick start out small right now. One is just walking every day not fast walking just slow relaxing walking. Try to get a ton of good foods in your home lots of fruits and veggies. Get on some good vitamins too. Some people try to do this to fast thinking it's the best way to go but you have to enjoy it too. I walk every day with music and it's so much fun for me. Trust me the weight will come off you have to lose it slowly for it to really stay off. Good Luck.

Feb 17

what is the name of what he gave you?


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