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Venom in your veins, poison in your smile you lash out and

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Venom in your veins, poison in your smile you lash out and lunge laughing all the while. You giggle in glee as others try to flee. viciously you mock them without mercy. Behind innocence you hide, laughter you proclaim to share, silencing all who'd defy you leaving not a soul who'd dare. Hearken to my warning, no tyrants reign shall ever last. Fear those you deem beneath you, those born of another class. You've burned the bridges around you, your wounds unable to mend leaving only those around you that you could never call friend. A white knight may descend, maybe you they'll defend but can you pay the cost of virtuous men? The snakes in the field upon you they'll descend with their fangs and venom your skin shall they rend. Mercy you beg oh please let it end, only in death will you atone for your sin.

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Sep 15

Is this how you feel, it is beautiful, but so sad.


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