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TW: Anxiety, Domestic Violence, Food Anxiety, Binge Eating.


TW: Anxiety, Domestic Violence, Food Anxiety, Binge Eating. Been struggling with anxiety and related issues because of isolation. I work at a domestic violence shelter and we are all working from home, but of course I'm thinking abut our shelter residents and those who have not yet reached out to us from abusive households, where they are now more likely to stay in isolation. I'm also on Zoloft and have been for a few months (after switching from Celexa, which I was on for two years), and have been struggling with decreased appetite because of it. And because my routine is all messed up and my anxiety is higher than average, I think my appetite has decreased even more. I typically smoke weed to increase my appetite, but I can't do that during work hours and I'm also on our 24/7 hour hotline this week– so I have to be clear-headed. So now I've noticed that I'm losing a little weight, I feel weak/fragile/sick often (I also have fever, stuffy/runny nose, and cough right now... so that's great) and it's just been hard overall. I used to restrict and then binge eat to deal with body issues, so the hyper-awareness of my body changes right now has also been anxiety-provoking because I've been really happy with my body for the past couple years and have been very body neutral, but now I'm feeling that hyper-awareness come back. Just wondering if anyone is also struggling with any of these issues!

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Mar 25

i am dealing with some anxiety and i am sure others have some as well. You have a stress filled job right now it sounds. do you have anyway to help reduce the stress when not working?

Mar 25

Livieg96- I don’t want to be an alarmist.... but the fever is symptomatic of many things including coronavirus... I tend to think testing can be done too soon sometimes and miss a diagnosis but fever sounds like a big marker.

Chart your your primary care doctor or a health Dept type hotline and let them know about your symptoms and see what they say.
If may do best to just stay home...

Let us know.

Take care. This will not be like this forever.


Mar 25

Sorry to hear about your struggles. People these days are anxious because of the crisis we are facing. Let’s keep praying that we will get through this by God’s grace.

Please call your doctor regarding your symptoms. I pray that all will be well. Keep us posted. Take care and stay safe.


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