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Today I got anxiety unexpectedly while watching a show that

Today I got anxiety unexpectedly while watching a show that wasn't particularly anxiety inducing. All of a sudden, my chest tightened up and I hurt. It didn't go away so I turned the show off. I did some breathing exercises and yoga. Felt much better. I did get some caffeine today so that is possibly why. I also had an interview which could have provoked the anxiety. I'll monitor this more and see if I can feel better.

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Jan 10

I LOVE hearing about this!!!

So relieved you were able to ground yourself with breathing exercises and yoga, doesn't it work wonders? Proud of you, and your progression

Jan 10

Thank you, yes it is good to meditate often. I think it may change your brain chemistry, too? For sure, I'm getting better at identifying anxiety triggers as well.

Jan 13

Interviews can definitely trigger anxiety...and if you typically don't drink caffeine then that could also rev up your system which would make the anxiety attack more intense than it would've been without caffeine in your system... meditation works for me also...remembering to use it is the key so kudos for being resourceful


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