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So, today i went to work and i was super nervous, my heart w


So, today i went to work and i was super nervous, my heart was going crazy so i went to the clinic and got an ECG done. The doctor recommended that i visit a cardiologist and he gave me 10mg of inderal.
It worked like magic, i was no longer feeling my over beating heart, no tingling in the limbs and i was enjoying sitting with my co workers and talking almost like before. I am so grateful for him.

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Jun 11

@piikoi07 I used to go to gym for 3 years but i stopped for two years due to shoulder injuries (2).
I plan to go there and get grasp of my life like before. But first, i will check with the cardiologist, if he permits then i go.

25 Years on Inderal wow ... is it a heart issue or caused by anxiety?

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Jun 11

Heart issue.

Jun 12

@piikoi07 I hope you do well.


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