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So I made it through today. A few anxiety episodes, one pret


So I made it through today. A few anxiety episodes, one pretty bad one, noticeable shaking. I know people saw it. A newer coworker came by later to ask if I was ok. I know that they know I have issues there. I know that people are just expressing honest concern. I just don’t want that kind of attention though. It’s good people there that I don’t want to alienate. Any thoughts?

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Jun 30

Allow those that care for you to care for you, allow them to assist you with your burdens. even if it's only a small bit, welcome the shoulders and hands offered to you with grace and find that burdens carried by many feel lighter, even if no one can understand what you feel, they can help you carry it. you can keep stepping forward towards outstretched hands. Allow yourself to feel. and be unafraid of feeling. I hope your days grow brighter with the help of those around you who wish to understand you. <3 Always feel free to reach out, when things feel like to much, we are all here to help. and it sounds like you have some awesome coworkers too.

Jun 30

Thank you!!!


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