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So I am having a crises of anxiety right now. I am freaking

So I am having a crises of anxiety right now. I am freaking out about a test that I have to do next week. All I can think about it's how I am going to fail and how people will react when they see the results. I DON'T KNOW WHAT TO DO! I CAN'T SLEEP THINKING ABOUT IT.

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May 17

Oh Gosh.... completely understand how you feel! My Daughter just took her exams too and she was also feeling overwhelmed. I helped her by asking to go out and play. For u, maybe you can try to do something that relaxes you or you enjoy! It will help clear your mind a bit and be ready for the test. I think the members here offer really good advice. Why don’t you go through them and see which one of those works best for you?? Meanwhile, I’m going to keep you in my prayer and may God grant you peace during this time. God bless!

May 17

Yea, stress can do that, sorry you are so stressed right now. When I am stressed, I get away from it for a while, go outside and breathe deep fresh air, get into nature, and look at it all. Also, I take magnesium and ginseng to calm my mind body and spirit. They help me so much with anxiety and worry. You've got this, I'm sure. Distract your mind by doing other things, watch something funny to laugh away the anxiety. Spend time w friends. You will be ok, and pass with flying colors! Please take the mag. and ginseng, they will help you. =)

May 17

I am thinking of you. I know what anxiety is...running, walking, and my cats help me. Find a joy, it can be anything. Painting? Learning a new skill? Cooking? Volunteering at a shelter?


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