Ok something is causing me great anxiety, and I just want ho


Ok something is causing me great anxiety, and I just want honesty. I was just left, after a 4 year relationship. And we have a beautiful child together. My fear is that the father will find someone new and they are going to try to take my child away from me and I cant breath just thinking about it. I have a fear that the person he finds will try to make our child call her mom and she will tell lies about me. I dont know what to do. I know it's just my head but I'm genuinely terrified.

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Sep 11

@Oneseedatatime honestly reading this. You are my inspiration. I'm literally in the same situation you were and reading that you didnt let that bring you down and accomplish what you have. I hope and pray to god that he gives me the strength and encouragement to do the same. I'm congratulate you on your success. And thank you for sharing that with me. You give me hope.

Sep 12

@Kaimoo God was with me when I did not even know it, when I did not really look to Him, and He is WITH YOU! He loves you! He has given you priceless worth and will see you through it all, I promise! Seek Him in EVERYTHING that you do and soon enough you will be on here sharing with me and others who will benefit from your testimony of how you changed your narrative. Your will light up your mother's life with a joy that will bring you two closer and than you could have ever imagined. You will also be an example for your child!

I will keep you in my prayers :)

Sep 13

@kaimoo, thank you for sharing your struggle with us on this forum. I went thru the very same thing. it is not easy but can be controlled. there a few things to try to focus on, 1. believe in yourself. 2. take care of your child. 3. think about the here and how, not so much of the what ifs... the unknowns. those natural feelings are difinetly real. you can work thru them. focus on positive tasks, places, people. believe in yourself. find a support group of activities for yourself and child. I send you hugs of encouragement. don't believe the negativity that our minds like to use on us. it plays mind games that waste our time and energy. focus on the here and now. :) please keep us posted how you are doing. blessings.


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