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My closest companion in life is my generalized anxiety. It h

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My closest companion in life is my generalized anxiety. It has had an enormous effect on all aspects of my life. At the moment I am worrying a lot about my ageing parents (even though they don't seem particularly worried about their situation). It is hard for me to see them, because I interpret everything they say and do as alarming in one way or another.

During spring, I have taken two courses in order to "get better": Mindful Based Stress Reduction and Mindful Self-Compassion. Both courses lasted 8 weeks and consisted of 3-hour meetings and exercises to do at home in between. Right now I am worried that the benefits of the courses will disappear as my anxiety will prevent me from practicing. I wonder if anyone has any suggestions on how to keep the motivation when the anxiety gets the better part of you?

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Jul 3

Hi @xylosma, how are you doing? It's great that you are actively engaged in ways to deal with your anxiety and not let it get the better of you.
I want to encourage you to believe that you have the strength within you and you can overcome this.
I think sometimes anxiety comes from when we overthink situations or imagine a situation that is not real to be real.
One of the things that I do and that helps me when I'm feeling anxious is to pray and declare the positive outcome that I want to feel. I also like to speak out loud positive affirmations concerning myself and my family as well because I believe our words are powerful.
Praying for peace of mind for you.

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Jul 5

Thank you @Bella_Lee for your kind reply! I feel hopeless at the moment, not capable of handling easy tasks at home. I try to give myself compassion, and find some strength in that intention. Thank you for your prayers!

Jul 6

Hi xylosma,
Just wanted to give you some support as you had a bad day a few days ago. I have anxiety a lot myself, and when it's bad I can't think straight enough to figure out if I want to exercise or eat or read or what.


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