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My anxiety has been high over the engine light in my car had

My anxiety has been high over the engine light in my car had been on for quite a long time. I found out it was the car battery needed to be replaced with a new one. I got the new battery put in my car today and it runs like a new car. I'm so happy about that. Been doing a lot of praying.

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Feb 13, 2018

@cat-lover Thank u.

Feb 27

Hello, do you generally feel anxious or was it just the first episode..? I am a Consulting Homeopath practicing with natural remedies for years. Let me know if you have any medical issues, I will be glad to help the best I can

Feb 28

@rock4henry I'v tried going the natural route. The products are much to expensive. I went to a Homeopath in the past, and he wanted me coming out of his office paying $400.00 worth of "one month" supply of products. It was high way robbery. I dont have that kind of money. But if I win the lottery tonight, I'll get back with u.


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