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Just joined this group today. I have had anxiety in genera

Just joined this group today. I have had anxiety in general and panic attacks for a while. I am taking a med. that has helped much, but no magic potion. Know at times there are triggers, but never know even when I am doing well, relaxed, thinking is positive why it happens. Can be crippling at times. Sure there has to be others in this group who relate. I am in a few other groups here also.

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Sep 17

Yeah, thanks for all the info. Sounds like you're doing a lot to cope with the anxiety and panic attacks. I've made many adjustments in my life too, like stop hanging out with strangers 1:1, not going to parties, etc. I was wondering if you have tried counseling? These days I'm seeing (by phone) a therapist who does EMDR, which is supposed to undo trauma on the brain level. I have found it somewhat helpful.

Sep 17

I can appreciate what you are going through I have suffered with anxiety for a number of years now. I actually joined the group because my wife has left me however it is a different feeling all together
I can relate to all you are feeling. Most of my anxiety stemmed from Work however I have Had bouts through out the pandemic. Citalopram has helped me manage the work stress. I also exercise more this helps. I have found taking Indian ginseng also can help.
Having good people to talk to helps especially those who have experienced it for themselves. Unfortunately my wife could never understand

Sep 18

@Pitchy thanks for sharing. I have been into homeopathic meds. for some time. Not aware of Indian Ginseng, will check it out. I am also in lonliness and more groups. Any situation is good to talk and share and visa-versa. I am new to the group, however I have had diagnosis of Anxiety for many years. I did the therapy sessions for about 4 years for this and more. I also was involved in work to help others with crisis and other mental health issues some years back. While other problems I have learned ways to cope, Dr. and I agreed that I am just going to have to accept this disorder. It has been worse since my PTSD has been diagnosis as off few years back. Always ask The Lord to be with me and guide me in all things daily. So appreciate your sharing ideas, all of you. :) I hope I am of some support on this site to others. Is it possible anyone to private message others on this site? I tried clicking on the chat mark next to the bell, nothing. Wishing you all a safe, blessed, healthy weekend.

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