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It seems I have anxiety when I wake up . kind of waking up

It seems I have anxiety when I wake up . kind of waking up scared and it lasts for a little while , eventually I am able to get it to go away. I am working on deep breathing . when I am alone it does not help the anxiety.

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I don’t know how weird I am getting? In relation to all things. I am probably on par. You right as we age things change pertaining to our bodies and most times it’s not for the better. I do agree with having activities that keeps your mind busy and a distraction from anxiety or ocd . However, anxiety has always been ever present and sometimes can get in the way. I have tendency to dwell on the past . I think of better times . I should not do that but I do. Thank you for the conversation

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Sep 15

@Gettingoldandweird hopefully it works for you. ive never tried it myself, because by the time I heard about it other techniques, namely meditation and mindfulness, had let me gain control over this phenomenon


@norseduncan Thank You


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