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It is spreading across the country, but the self quarantine


It is spreading across the country, but the self quarantine has not hit the state of Minnesota yet. I have friends in other states who now cannot leave their homes because of this. I still don't think people here are fully aware how bad it is getting. This thing is sneaky and insidious. I use antiseptic soap that surgeons use to wash my hands, and I wear a mask. I have been told the mask doesn't help much, but I still use it. I pray my doctor on Thursday will tell me that I shouldn't be working and give me a note to take back to work.

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Mar 25

@bmilbrath Well I think that is a blessing as long as you don't have to sign people in or anything like that. Hang in there.

Mar 25

@Griz75 well, now I won't be going to the doctors. They canceled my appointment. Just a telephone call now. Made me feel hopeless and mad.

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Mar 26

I'm next door as well but in North Dakota. I heard MN did get a stay at home order starting Friday night, but I guess if you're an essential employee you still have to go to work. Take care and be careful!


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