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I was diagnosed with social anxiety in 1998 and after I was


I was diagnosed with social anxiety in 1998 and after I was put on anti-depressants I tried joining several support groups, but none of them helped with my social anxiety although it did help me with my depression

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Apr 20

Hi! Sorry you haven't found the right type of support group yet! I love the online support because there's no judgement here and everyone understands each other. Not sure what type of groups you've tried previously-but I've found psychotherapy to be very effective. Have you done 1-1 therapy? I love the ability to talk through situations and role play during psycho-therapy sessions. If you are having a difficult time finding a support group, maybe NIMH can help find one nearby that is reputable? One step at a time! You can overcome this mental torture and anxiety, like my friend did! (She started going to a women's group at church and overcame her fears there, after 20 years of staying in the house most of the time) Meanwhile, keep talking here!

Apr 20

@piikoi07 I want to congratulate you on overcoming your agoraphobia, because it sounds like you really wanted to end this and you made up your mind to do just that. And you didn't even need to do the baby steps. I think I need to do the baby steps, because I don't think I can just go ahead and just do it without them.

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Apr 21

No judgement here. I love this site.


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