I want a boyfriend but I'm confused right now I guess I need

I want a boyfriend but I'm confused right now I guess I need myself more than anything before I start dating, I rather get my life in order and get a job or something.I hope that everyone's having a goodnight!

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Jan 18, 2020

Loving yourself is the best place to start! When you love yourself you can then love others. It's okay to take time to explore you- figure out what's best for you in your life for just this moment. In the right time, things will fall into place. Live life in pursuit of counting your blessings and being grateful for the positives in your life. Believing the best for you- chin up!

Jan 18, 2020

Hey @rosepedal98x,
Awwww, that is so understandable! We were not meant to be alone so your desire is only natural.
Wow, great insight on recognizing that yes having your own life in order is a great start on the path to seek a relationship. It's so valuable to a relationship to put into perspective that we should be able to bring to the relationship for that special someone what we would like to get out of it right?
Work on you and I have a feeling that when you get yourself to where you want to be you may have a better idea or even a changed idea on what you need :)

Have a blessed day!

Jan 30

thank u


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