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I have started job looking. I don’t know what is worse the

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I have started job looking. I don’t know what is worse the stress of finding a job and looking or the anxiety from picking one. It seems I couldn’t get anyone to even call me back in the hundred of applications I put out there. I was starting to worry. Once I got the first job offer, literally that day I got couple others with interests. Now I’m stressing about what to do. Which is best and what not. I can’t seem to find jobs to be home on weekends or jobs to set me up with great benefits matching good pay vice versa. Now I am sitting here just stressing out so my anxiety is through the roof.

Oct 18

So sorry this is so stressful. Several jobs to choose from, and each of them has a few plusses and a few minuses. No wonder you're anxious. You've probably done this already, but I thought I'd suggest taking out a few pieces of paper, and writing the name of a different job offer at the top of each one. Then divide the page into 2 columns. On one side, all the plusses, and on the other side, all the minuses. Then ponder what you've written. Hope this will help.

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Oct 19

@L2015 I am actually going to do that today. I am more so worried about which will give me better schedule but none of them really will do so there. With my marriage situation it just seems I wanted to be able to get a job and now I got a couple offers lol. And my babysitting job started back up part time. So here I am. I will figure it out.


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