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I have been talking to more people about leaving my current


I have been talking to more people about leaving my current job and finding something else. Great advise from a good friend; but my anxiety certainly good up when I think about it. Which is worse the anxiety of the unknown and look for a new job or the anxiety, stress, no caring by the crazy company for people at the job I am currently in.

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Jun 11

@Seltzer thanks for the compliment..back at ya! Can't just trust and assume they will do what they say at any place.

Jun 11

Thanks for the advise everyone!

Jun 12

Hey there. The anxiety and stress at your current company is. to good for you. So, I would definitely suggest finding another job. But, try to stay there until you secure another job. That is usually the best option. There are lots of jobs out there, so I am sure you will do fine! :)


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