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I have been feeling alone, and no matter how hard I try to k

I have been feeling alone, and no matter how hard I try to keep myself busy. My fears come up out of nowhere. I just want to sleep all day.

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Mar 23

Hi...with you with just wanting to pull the blankets over my head and dissappear but guess if we do not face live we will not make it any better snd concour ou fears. We are here for you. Do you have some family or friends that can visit or just check in with you? Hugs

Mar 26

I am so sorry that you feel this way. Please keep posting here. I promise that you are not alone but I do understand how you feel. I am here if you want to chat. Big hugs!!

Mar 27

This is a challenging time. I found a can of pumpkin in the cabinet. I think I will be distracting by looking for a pumpkin pancake recipe. Pumpkin and cinnamon can be comforting flavors. I made crepes the other day. I just didn't have yummy innerds. I will look for bananas next time I shop.


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