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I am headed to work and my anxiety is starting to get bad.

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I am headed to work and my anxiety is starting to get bad. I am not sure why because I've gotten a little used to the place....I don't know why I am so fearful of people

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Dec 22

Same. I learned that fear is irrational. Just keep breathing. I have daily anxiety so I know what you mean.

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Jan 13

@Justtired1587 I work as a housekeeper in a hospital I can't put my finger on it but I think it's the environment that makes me so uneasy, a huge unfamiliar place with so many people I don't know and the fear of getting into trouble. I have a huge fear of making mistakes or getting into trouble because getting into trouble = me getting yelled at or punished.

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Feb 8

"Try and look at the positive. With me: at least I have a job with benefits, I work inside where it is both AC and heated, I do have a few nice coworkers, I am home every night. Keep a diary or log your frustrations down. That helps when you need to vent."

I like that I'll try to keep a positive outlook like that.

No, they weren't yelling at me at the time I guess I was overwhelmed in being at a huge place with so many different people. I know it's wrong but I stopped taking my meds because they don't really work for me


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