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I am feeling anxious and stressed because of the impact of c


I am feeling anxious and stressed because of the impact of corona. I am feeling trapped in my home although our state hasnt shut down. I can't go into another depression. I just got out of therapy programme and ao scared to go back there mentally. So I plan to pick up my brush and paint away , I just feel stuck. That's why I joined this group. P

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Mar 22

Yes I did....maybe it would help to review them. I got to walk yesterday and today and it mademe feel much better. Thnx much.

Mar 26

I am so glad that you have joined the group!! Please keep posting here so everyone can encourage you. Your feelings are understandable, and I think your plan to paint is very wise. You are strong, I believe in you. Keep focusing on the good, stay busy, and keep posting. You are not alone. BIG BIG hugs!!

Mar 29

I've been doing better in general. I exercise in some form most days and that gets me outside plus some grocery runs which are quick and maintaining distance with mask and gloves on. Been binge watching new shows too. Also brainstorming ways to make an income especially after this madness. I don't even know if it makes sense to apply for anything now as people are actually laying off. Anyhoo.... y'all stay strong too


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