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I am 30 year old married man and wife is 9 month pregnant i


I am 30 year old married man and wife is 9 month pregnant i have had illness anxiety before 2 year about the heart and i have visited tons hospital and rushed to hospital ER for many many times and at a point i learnt how to cope it up and i was very much fine for the past 2 years and suddenly this virus Covid came and triggered all my anxiety again. A week back i felt some chill and checked my temperature its was 99f, thats it everything with horrible and i was dying inside for the each and every second from that and i was crying in fear whether i could spread it to my family of senior citizens and my pregnant wife so i immediately went for the check up and by gods grace it came back negative and after that i was fine for couple of days and again it started and one day i put my finger inside my nose it was wet and also i heard running nose was a newly included symptom of corona then the fear started till now i was in blue heavy panic all the time i can't convince myself that i was fine i lost my happiness and lost myself.
DO anyone feeling the same with this kind of feeling in this pandemic.

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Jul 3

Maybe this is a good reminder to start up therapy again. This is a scary time especially with bringing a new human into the world. We are all scared, but you are going to be a dad, so find a way to deal with your anxiety in a healthy and productive way so you can be there for you wife and new baby.

Jul 3

The isolation from COVID has completely triggered my anxiety. I am COVID crazy right now and I don’t have the added stress of a baby coming. You are obviously a good person, because you are concerned about your wife and baby. Just do the best you can. As much as you may not want to, if you can communicate this to your wife, you will all be better off.


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