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I absolutely hate living my life afraid all the time. At lea


I absolutely hate living my life afraid all the time. At least I have for the last month and a half or so and it sucks. It's driving me nuts.

Dec 6

I would say mine is pretty crazy too. Being forgetful and too sensitive etc. Anyway, I hope you still hang in there, cos am doing the same. Gotta find even small little piece of happiness each day, however silly it sounds ;p . Hugs

UtopiaK's picture
Dec 6

I am an introvert, very sensitive person who suffers from anxiety and depression at the same time.. I am holding up as strongly as I can, sometimes I think I might fall back and just suffer, but I need help, and the sooner I will get one, the better.
Don't lose hope!

Littlesis7's picture
Dec 6

Am I mistaken or were you also looking for a job and shared your difficulties and triumphs? I was glad to read that I'm not alone in job search and the insane amount of time, energy & dedication it takes to keep confidently researching each day. Sorry it seems like a bad month and a half.


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