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I’ve always been in really good shape but I’ve been trav

I’ve always been in really good shape but I’ve been travelling for a few months and it’s the holidays and I’ve decided to let loose. I was also diagnosed with herpes this summer and myself esteem has just gone down and now I’m so incredibly anxious and self conscious about my body and health. I’m moving out of town soon too, I’m short on cash, and it all just seems like too much. I just feel ashamed and disgusted and so worried.

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Jan 10

try to relax. the feeling of shame will pass, and is unfounded. those holidays are so famous for getting us to let loose and relax our being in shape. I had the double whammy of quitting smoking over the holidays lol. moving is stressful, and to a new town even more so. but you will be ok! and you are most welcome to keep talking to us :-)


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