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I’m so embarrased. I stutter whenever I start opening my m


I’m so embarrased. I stutter whenever I start opening my mouth, how do I reduce my anxiety? I find it hard when it comes to facing people like people are my worst fear. I can hardly keep a conversation going due to my fear and it’s been affecting me for years...

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Jul 21

We’ll get better one day I hope

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Jul 21

Hi, GPet here. If you normally don't stutter except during high stress times or anxiety attacks, then there is medication that might help. There are of course the benzodiazepines ( like Ativan, Clonazepam) that you can use. Also there is an old performer's trick that works which is to take a low dose beta blocker like Propranolol to stop the body's reaction to the adrenalin produced by the anxiety. It is non-addictive and was traditionally used to treat high blood pressure, but in low doses it prevents adrenalin from connecting with the receptor sites. This means no shaking, no cold sweats, no twitching muscles, and probably no stuttering. People with stage fright use it to keep their bodies from reacting. As a solo pianist I used to use it before a performance - you can't have shaky hands and play Bach very well. If you want to try this please ask your doctor about it to make sure it is okay for you. By low dose I mean about 10mg, which is not enough to effect your blood pressure, but enough to keep your body from reacting to the adrenalin from the anxiety.

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Jul 23

@kiannjc Hello again, and what a nice surprise to hear back from you! I can see why the bullying has left you with these bad memories and has caused these setbacks. The hate and anger that is behind the bullying is beyond what I can comprehend. What has happened to our society that cause this level of berating people?

I can appreciate what you say about not finding the freedom to talk to someone about this. Trust is such a huge factor, so it is critical that you find the right person. Not just anybody. But I do want to encourage you there are loving and kind people in this world who do want to help you, even if it is to just listen and understand. I hope you don't dismiss the idea altogether, because help could be closer than you think. If you were to call a Bible believing church in your area, even if you don't attend that church, you can ask to speak to someone and see if they are available to meet with you. I highly doubt there will be any charge, and you can feel safe in the privacy of their protection.

I think my son had some sort of neurological delay in his brain that caused his. Unfortunately, and I am sad to have to admit this, we waited too long before addressing it. I always kept waiting for him to outgrow it. But at this time in his life, he still stutters on occasion, but his personal self-worth is secure, he knows who he is, and he is happy with himself, which makes the stuttering seem less and less of a problem.

Is there any online research you can do to get more information on this topic?

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