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I’m so embarrased. I stutter whenever I start opening my m


I’m so embarrased. I stutter whenever I start opening my mouth, how do I reduce my anxiety? I find it hard when it comes to facing people like people are my worst fear. I can hardly keep a conversation going due to my fear and it’s been affecting me for years...

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Jul 10

I was in a relationship with someone that's mental health may have been a little worse than mine. He stuttered and if he got angry, couldn't understand a word he said. I have chronic pain, when my levels go up to 9 or 10, I stutter and I always had to tell him I wasn't making fun of him, it was pain making me stutter, he said "I know." I was so blessed to have him in my life as long as he was. Not many special people that understand but the ones that matter, I think, always will!!

Jul 11

Try speaking intentionally slower. (By putting spacing between your words.)

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Jul 11

I'm glad you found a place here on SG to share your frustrations and concerns. Everyone needs to know they are not alone. I sure hope you can gain some confidence by connecting to others who truly understand.

My son stutters and has for most of his life. He is 31 now and in a professional career. He had gone to therapy, and wouldn't you know that when he was in his sessions he did perfectly fine! So the therapist was not able to work with him right in the office, but gave him exercises to follow at home by himself, and also when he was out in public.

Have you been able to determine what kind of stuttering you have? There are three kinds:

1. Developmental
2. Neurogenic
3. Psychogenic

Knowing which one you suffer from will open the door to know what your options are for treating it or learning how to manage it.

Many doctors of psychology have proposed the idea that when a person manages their anxiety, they reduce the stuttering, instead of the other way around. Have you given yourself a chance to spend time with a counselor, friend, therapist, family member, clergy member, or other trusted individual who can listen to your story? In my son's case, he was so determined to reach his professional goals, and once he did, his confidence level skyrocketed so much that the stuttering was more a nuisance than an obstacle.

Give yourself small reachable goals. Start slow and grow. Be good to yourself and remove any unreasonable expectations. Any time you can measure progress, even if it's the tiniest improvement, you can build your hope up.

And as far as maintaining satisfying communication with others, stick close to friends who love you for who you are.

I hope you can muster up the strength to reach out for some help. I would hate the thought of you remaining in a situation where you feel there is no hope.

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