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hi. i just finished crying and discovered this page. i want

hi. i just finished crying and discovered this page. i want to share my story with people here to maybe get some advice, help and support. basically, i am devastated. i feel very lonely and have trust issues therefore i don’t have close friends. that’s not the main case for me. the main thing is i feel trapped. like i am in a box controlled by some people.i hate this feeling. i want to wake up from bed revitalized and refreshed but i haven’t felt that in a about two years or so. the last year i have become very antisocial even though i used to be the most talkative and social person in class before. this year i have also started high school and with igcse and state exams it just makes it harder. i’m pressured and tensed. it has been happening for a year now. i have also developed many many gray hair the past year.im only 14

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May 14, 2019

Hey! When I was 14 I began suffering with anxiety and depression. My whole life flipped upside down. My personality and hobbies changed. I felt so misunderstood and broken and my family was very ignorant as to what was going on with me. I was as well. I want to say welcome to SG and please stay! You are making a very good decision coming on here and talking about your issues. I can honestly say talking about it really helped me and I wish I did it when I was 14 instead of turning to self destructive habits... I'm proud of you for reaching out. You're making steps in the right direction. The people here can definitely help and relate. Don't ever hold anything back. We've got you! <3

May 15, 2019

yes, that would be great. i always had trouble communicating about my situation with my friends and with my family i don’t even mention. i would love to stay in touch

May 15, 2019

Hi there,
My heart goes out to you! I remember when I was 14 years-old; it is a challenging age…you’re too old for some things and too young for others, right? It is also a great time to learn how to balance the beginning of adulthood. Do you read? Listen to music? I’ve found that if I put good stuff into my mind then I get good stuff out. One of my favorite musical artists to listen to is Maranatha; it is upbeat and encouraging. Of course, there are lots of other Christain artists that I enjoy listening to, too. Also, do you belong to a church? It is a great place to feel safe and to find some good long-lasting friendships. I have friends from church that I have known for many years and they are just wonderful. I pray that some of these ideas are helpful for you and that you start to feel better.


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