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Hi Everyone, its my first time on a group. I want to share m

Hi Everyone, its my first time on a group. I want to share my story, and i hope you guys can support. I am a 37 year old male and i have never previously dealt with Anxiety, Grief or Depression.

It started in the beginning of last month when i had a sudden chest pain one evening, which caused me to call an ambulance and rush to Hospital. At the hospital different tests were performed (ECG and various Blood tests), and the doctor confirmed that all is good and it wasn't a heart attack, he then asked if i suffer from Anxiety to which i replied no, my wife next to me said yes, and i refused to agree that i do. The Dr then put me on medication for Acid Reflux.

Later during the same month, the chest pains recurred, and i started getting stomach illnesses as well. I then went to my GP, twice for stomach issues which really didn't go away, and i had to do some introspection and revealed to him that in November i lost my Dad through Cancer and my brother in-law who had a sudden heart attack.

The GP then confirmed that it was the cause for my physical problems, and put me on Anti-Depressants from last week.

I am constantly worried about my own health, it gets so bad at times where nothing is physicaly wrong but i feel overwhelmed...

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Jan 15, 2018

Hi Everyone, I just wanted to let you know. The medical tests for my abdomen came back, the results is that there is nothing thats malignant but I do have multiple polyps in my gallbladder and there is some inflammation in my stomach and the klep of stomach not working 100%. So the worst is the galbladder which gets removed on Monday, and from there we work, please pray that the rest of the symptoms stay away after operation and no new ones come.

Jan 15, 2018

First of all, I feel very sorry, you have to believe that the future must be beautiful

Jan 16, 2018

Thank you Caroline


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