Hi all. Just got approved. glad to be here. would love to sh

Hi all. Just got approved. glad to be here. would love to share and connect.

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GreyRock97's picture
Jan 12

sorry to hear.. I have same conundrum. somehow yesterday did ok in that dept. I did chamomile tea, melatonin. earplugs (Im not in rural place anymore wish I didnt make that move lol) somehow I scored 7 amazing hours. I avoided all caffeeine-, even a glass of red wine (which is like a stimulant for me, and when I add that piece of cheese too close to bedtime (which is not anytime after like 7.30 in the winter !) it disrupts that REM sleep. I can be so nice, but now Im seeing how it hinders the deeper sleep states. anyway if I was also unable to sleep I'd have written sooner. I wish you a better nights rest tonight

Foundlove's picture
Jan 12

Welcome to site! Glad your getting your zzzzs... I also have problems sleeping sometimes n chamomile tea helps. I believe I’ve also been suffering c ptsd but never actually diagnosed. Do you want to share your story?

CKBlossom's picture
Jan 13

@GreyRock97 Took a new supplement with Magnesium and Valerian,
slept really well, but feel kind of tired today, not sure I will use it unless I really can't sleep.


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