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hey guys,so i have something on my mind i need to talk about

hey guys,so i have something on my mind i need to talk about.so i am a co-dependent person.i have realized lately its gotten much worse.i thought it was because i don't have many friends is why i depend on them so much.i'm constantly afraid i'm going to lose the friends i do have.the only people i talk to is my sister and my best friend.the are my only people.i'm so co-dependent that when my sister left for over night and i cant wait till she gets home tomorrow.my sister is almost 18 so i know she wont live with me forever(i'm 16).i need to find a way to me okay by my self but i don't know how.i have had a lot of people walk out of my life so that's part of the reason i'm so scared.thanks for listening......

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Oct 10

it will be ok. and you will find a way to be more independent

Oct 13

This is a change going on around you. It happens as life moves along. Dont panic. Just remember your sister is a phone call away.


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