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Hello everyone, for I have not posted for quite some time. I


Hello everyone, for I have not posted for quite some time. I am really needing some major support right now. This morning, did my morning routine, went outside to smoke a cigarette , and my Psychosis has returned after 8 years this March. I called my Doctor's nurse, and left a message. She never called me back, so that tells me she was out for the day. I pray she gets my message tomorrow, and calls me back. Feeling scared, terrified. Can't stay calm at all. Anyone had this before? Any ideas how to try to calm down? Please help me.....

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Aug 12

mechele: Yes, thank you. The nurse called me yesterday, And the Doctor called me today, also asking me questions. I have my Appointment like I said, in two weeks. I just have to keep myself busy, and keep Fighting. Thank you for your concern!

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Aug 12

Hi. When I go through panic attacks I sit in a doorway and press against it. This helps stabilizes me, along with triangle breathing. My other go to is sitting under a tree with my eyes close so I can concentrate on my heart beat as it fades into the background of nature sounds. Even thought it doesn't feel like it, you got this. You reached out! Keep writing as so many people out here!

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Aug 12

I just watched an earthing movie about grounding. I'm sure they're promoting their product but when you sit under a tree do you put your bare feet or hands on the ground?


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