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Even tho Spring is exactly what I needed, it brings the ide

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Even tho Spring is exactly what I needed, it brings the idea that I have to get it together. Not really my strong suit...sigh.
I can't seem to flip my nights ( no sleeping before 3am) to days so I can show up for a job and be "normal" like all my family.
I feel like I've tried everything to change but I just keep wasting every single day in anxiety and depression = major shame.
I can SEE what I'm supposed to do, research ways to achieve GOALS but then...I fade awaaaay!
I don't drink or self medicate, etc...I have no excuse...
Just feel totally frozen friends who would check up on me. My partner is too busy in his own world to care.
Want to change but

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Apr 11

@Darkandtwisty81 thanks for reaching out and yes - this helped me in more than a small way. I don't ever want to give up but my tank is beyond empty and there seems to be so many obstacles in the way of progress.
I need to work but have lost all hope of regaining my self-confidence along side 30-something mngrs with no souls. Guess I'm very jaded about most humans.
If it didn't require taking out loans and ridiculous certificates to do, I could see working with little kids. They are the only positive creatures left that make me believe in getting out of bed in the morning.

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Apr 11

@Littlesis7 I know how you feel Kids are a huge joy and adults well they can be a pain there are days when I look out my window and said yeah thats enough human contact for the day. Hang in there I'm hear if you need a ear Hugs

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Apr 15

@Darkandtwisty81 thanks very much.


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