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Anxiety has not been good. Taking my meds twice a day to try

Anxiety has not been good. Taking my meds twice a day to try and keep my nerves settled down. Lots of prayer helps a lot.

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Apr 18

@Littlesis7 Ur welcome. and Yes I am doing better today.

LadyO's picture
Apr 19

Hi Farrah - thanks for writing in and sharing your concerns here. I have found in the past that when we unload our concerns, it has a huge affect on how we choose to move forward.

I understand that none of us may have the exact answer to your situation, but I think it helps to be open and realize we are not alone in our pursuit to become made whole again.

Just curious, and you don't have to answer this, but have you been able to pinpoint exactly what is causing your anxiety? I think it's wonderful that some people find relief from a drug, but i personally believe targeting the root cause of it accomplishes so much more. There could be numerous reasons: chemical imbalances that you were born with (that's what happened to me), hormonal imbalances, low self-worth or low self-esteem (which originates from environment growing up), unmet expectations, grief, rejection, wrong medications, poor diet (which is a big one because chemicals and processed foods are hormone disruptors), and a whole host of other things. I find it so fascinating to know that we can influence the release of of the "Happy Hormones" simply by changing our diet and through exercise. Did you know that niacin/vitamin B deficiency leads to depression?

I hope and pray you will be able to uncover the root cause of your anxiety and then begin to address that issue first and foremost. Do you have someone who you can talk to? A Christian counselor? A pastor? Or trusted friend who is knowledgeable in mental health? Talking sure helps, I have found that to be a life-saver.

I'd be happy to talk more if you'd like, but thank you for letting me share my thoughts.

Since the brain is involved in every single function of the human body, it's best to understand how the brain is involved with depression, and to get a clear cut picture of what is actually happening, and then what can be done to alter our condition.

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Apr 19

@LadyO Thank u for writing this. It's exactly what I needed to hear. Yes I have pin pointed where the anxiety comes from. It's when I fear something, anything. I'm working with Jesus for me to no longer fear anything or anyone. But instead, have faith. I'm working on accelerating my faith, hoping that will permanently knock out the fear. Another is worry. I'm reminding myself that nothing good comes out or worrying. And worrying about anything doesnt make the situation change. So I'm reminding myself to never worry, only trust God (Yahweh Father God in Heaven) Jesus Christ my Lord and Savior, Holy Spirit, and my Angels God assigns to me in my life. I've come up with a saying: "If u know how to worry, u know how to meditate". Meaning, worrying consists of the bad messages going around and around in ur head constantly. Meditating on the word of God, is scriptures, faith that the scriptures come to pass, and love going around and around in ur head constantly.

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