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Hi...I am having a really hard time...I am depressed and tir

Hi...I am having a really hard time...I am depressed and tired., tired physically and mentally..tired of trying and failing and of live... Not to emotional but sometimes just tearfull out of the blue. Struggling with anxiety and intrest and functioning in my work is seriously down not going great. Luckily part of my work is for myself so no boss to answer to but I have not been able to take on new clients for a few weeks because i am so slow and not getting anwhere which is stressing me out. I am already very late with work for current clients. My other work is not to demanding and is helping with income but alone...well i need both...but not complaining I am getting by but cant afford to take off at all. My psychologist is very supportive and helps a lot. I am having trouble seeing her because of my work hours so I took off a day next week to see her. I was wondering about asking her about having some kind of agreement where I can email her and she can email me back for support on regular basis. I am not meaning like having a conversation via email, more like writing her a letter some days and she than answering it when she has time? Do you think it can work? anyone done this before? Any suggestions? We have had a session over the phone once which went well to. I do not know I do not want to be bothersome to her and respect her privacy. Its just that I think i am not ok now and i really do not want to spiral further down. Being all not getting up...on the edge all the time....hurting myself etc and its not worth going there if i can prevent it.

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Jul 2

What are some easy things you can do that you may enjoy? or make a positive change in your live?

Jul 2

I know I need to find a distraction. I finish nursing school in 3 months, so right now I pour myself into that. Once I’m done, I’ll get back to golfing with my buddy or something with the kiddos. I really appreciate what you are saying!

Jul 22

Congrats on the nursing school. Not the easiest!!!! You have determination and commitment and care! Important not to delay selfcare eventhough we sometimes feel like we do not have time for it...we need it for tomorrows!


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