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Very stressful workday and will be for another month or so.

Very stressful workday and will be for another month or so. There are times I think about quitting and finding something I enjoy, and hopefully cut down on the anxiety in some ways. Has anyone ever made a change like this and found that it is the best decision they ever made?

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May 16

That is a great story and very inspiring. You have come a long way, that is great. Your outlook is fantastic, and certainly wish you the best. Thinking of retirement must be an awesome feeling. Thanks for the great words!

May 17

Hello I have been there. My stress level was unbearable to me when I went to work. This happened to me several times because I repeated this situation. It made me mentally ill. I decided not to go back to work.

May 18

@padminishankar Did you look for another job, and then resigned from your current job?


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