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TW: mention of suicide I'm surprised there is no group for

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TW: mention of suicide
I'm surprised there is no group for people with physical disabilities. Anyway, this fits here. I'm in a wheelchair right now and 5+ times a day, people ask/demand to know what happened/what's wrong and more intrusive questions. It would be annoying no matter what, but it makes my chest tight. I broke my legs because I attempted suicide and I know I don't have to tell anyone that, but I get anxiety that a) they'll keep asking until I say it or b) I remember have to it. I am forced to remember it all day everyday and it's exhausting and enfuriating. I will be out of the chair within the next few months, but I still have leg braces I have to wear for the rest of my life and the cycle continues... I don't know how to handle it.

Edit: I printed out slips of paper that say: I've decided stop answering that question. Have a nice day." I was feeling pretty genius and then it was the first day in months that no one asked me about it! A win either way, I guess.

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Dec 3

@Marlene1105 Yeah, it's really annoying. I hope you are feeling better.

Dec 3

Does anyone offer to help, or they just nosey? I offer to help people and some think that I'm budding in just by offering help. But I guess these days got to beware of anyone.

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Dec 4

Hello hope;

I am much better, thank you! I am 61 years old and that is the first time I had ever broke anything (bones). However, it was awful (to say the least). Be strong hope! These people that are sticking their nose where it doesn't belong, do not have any kind of life of their own. That is why it is so necessary for them to but into other people's. Just ignore them and I am sure they will move on to someone else!


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