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Does anyone else feel like they need to have their work vali

Does anyone else feel like they need to have their work validated all the time? Or that their friendship with someone needs to be proved and tested before you can believe they really want to be your friend?
Also I cant help but wonder if I did something wrong, my therapist cancelled my appointment with zero reasoning. I feel like she doesn't want to talk to me, like im too much of a screw up, so Im not even worth her time.
And now I have to wait an additional week before I can talk to her again, and I just really need to talk to her.

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Jun 15

Im afraid to confront her. Cause im mad and hurt by it. She knows im really struggling right now. And this week is really stressful!
But now part of me wants to cancel my next appointment and say screw this!

Stationary_Transient's picture
Jun 16

Fight or flight. I'm a frequent flyer!

This was my FIRST introduction to my therapist; my appointment was for 10am, he saunters into the waiting room at 10:30, I was HOT, ANGRY! We go into his office (I almost left) and he says, "how are you"?

I told him. I didn't hold back a bit. We have a great working relationship, he hasn't been ever late again. You have to let her know she hurt you, you have to be honest with your therapist no matter how uncomfortable. No running, not this time?

Believerinbetter's picture
Jun 16

Yeh a few years ago it took alot for me to trust my closest friends. I thought they would leave me. And im pretty sure something just came up with ur therapist, so u shouldnt take it personal.


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