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I’m 16 and lately I’ve been really feeling bad about mys

I’m 16 and lately I’ve been really feeling bad about myself and having low self esteem, mostly because of past mistakes I made. I cant stop dwelling on all of the regrets and mistakes I’ve made in my life. I feel like I’m started to get depressed because of this. I’m not sure what to do honestly. I feel like I just can’t let go of the past. And there is a certain mistake I made that is mostly affecting me. Anyone have any suggestions on what to do? :(

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Jun 14

Hey I’m 16 too, I’ve made many mistakes and I’m actually going through one right now, but I never dwell on it anymore because life is so short to think of what happened in the past instead of thinking what to do next. Everything in life can’t be perfect, everyone makes mistakes and that’s part of life you learn from everything you do, and hey who knows maybe 5-10 years from now you’ll think “wow I was stressed and regretful over nothing”! Remember there’s always a solution to everything, and it starts by changing your mindset. When you think of how big the world and the universe is, you realize how insignificant those mistakes are, just know in the future you’ll know to do better.

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Jun 18

The past is past, and the only thing you can do about it is change how you feel about it.

Everyone faces some degree of difficulty and failure their whole lives. When you fail, use it as a learning experience.

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Jun 19

****. My life is a wreck. And it all my fault. And I think about it too much. But, you have to also account for whatever strides your making. Because of your mistakes or not. Instead of regretting the past, change what you can. Don't repeat your mistakes. They happened. But, oh, wait... guess what? You are still here. And you will make it. Stay strong. Feel free to PM if that's a thing on here. I'm also a teen with major regrets.


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