I spoke to my parent about my issues. What was said was, i s

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I spoke to my parent about my issues. What was said was, i should stop reading the mental health books (i read an ocd book but i may not even have ocd) , delete this, my emails etc...
Parent says this is the only way to get better because i put too much of these things in my head.

What do u think? Shud i follow?

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Aug 11

Mine do the very same! (I don't know how about you, but I am 23, law student)
They say I think about it too much. That I make stuff up. Exaggerating. See me as a hypochondriac.
Do not mind them. You can go and see a doctor on your own, regardless your age. Parents just sometimes don't understand us like they should. It doesn't mean they do not love you, it just means some part of you is in contrary to their beliefs about mental health. When they were young, it was not a thing yet.
My mother literally just scolded me for taking medically prescripted Xanax my shrink gave me for attacks. Said I should "get through it".
How do you feel now? Are you okay? Please stay around, take care...


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