Today is my three-month anniversary with my BF. I asked him

Today is my three-month anniversary with my BF. I asked him the other day if he could drive me to and from a procedure I have to have with sedation. He balked and said he didn't think so, he didn't like driving in the city (not NYC or anything); he rarely has time off (as if this would be a nuisance on his time off); he didn't want to drive his car with the exhaust making a racket...the list goes on. Was this an unfair request? I am very disheartened by this. Should I start cutting the ties with this man? My kids and I really love being with him - but lately he has been childish and pissy about my "emotions". Yeh, girls can be emotional when you ignore them or don't respond to them. Or make them feel like they are nothing but an annoying nuisance. My head tells me go - my heart is still attached. After a miserable failed marriage to an alcoholic another heartbreak is feeling like the end of the world.

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Jun 16

@kat2032 yup!!! If he's "not sure" he is already out the door.

The best way to avoid. Asking him, is to remove him from your phone.

Remove all the texts, remove your call history, remove his contact (don't block him unless you block a lot of people and it would be difficult to know which one he is, or if you don't know how to reverse blocking).

The first few days are bad, but when you delete them it is freeing. Nothing holding you back.


Jun 19

It's over. I kicked him out Friday. By today he is already in her arms despite telling me he wasn't going to her. And letting me believe the months mattered. He shattered three hearts. I don't know what to do now. I'm heartbroken and dealing with health issues to boot. I feel do lost.

Jun 22

Can I make a suggestion? First I'm so sorry. I've been cheated on and it's horrible!! But maybe next time don't let a man you're dating for such a short time in to your home or around your children. First, at 3 months you don't know much about him as you now see. He could molest your girls. Who knows? Best to keep them out of your children's' lives until you've dated long enough to know their true character. God bless and I wish you fast healing.


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