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I don't no what to do. Today I got my one year review at my

I don't no what to do. Today I got my one year review at my job and my boss said I talk to the other workers too much. I really didn't think I was. IDK. It's just hard to go to work and not b able to talk to anyone.

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Feb 12, 2019

@LaurenOdland I think it's okay to talk to your co-workers, just not have full conversations. Did your review show anything else? Was talking to other co-workers the only negative on your review?
Overall did you get a good review?
Just make sure you're doing something, working, while you talk to your co-workers. I don't know what kind of work you do, but I feel sure you can work and talk. For now, just back off on the conversations for a while. Show your boss you took his words seriously.
Bosses, and companies, too, area always looking for someone who will go the extra mile, give more than is required. While you're not talking, look around and see if something needs doing and do it without being asked. You'll be surprised how far that extra bit of work will go towards making you look good.
Don't be offended that he thinks you talk too much to your co-workers, it wasn't an insult, it was just an observation. I'm sure, overall, you're doing great. Now that you know not to talk too long to your co-workers, focus on the positives you learned in your review.
I wish you the best!

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