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I am not feeling so good. Boyfriends daughter wants me to wa

I am not feeling so good. Boyfriends daughter wants me to watch movies and spend time with her which I'd like to do but I can't bring myself more than a few minutes at a time. I feel disconnected and never know what to say or do. I don't like some of the stuff she does so I grit my teeth and keep quiet about it but it's all she wants to talk about. This child is probably gonna be in my life for a long time as things with my boyfriend and I are great but I am finding it so hard to take any steps.

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Apr 15

When my step dad came into my life it was the same thing your describing.

Trust me Kids know when were just the bonus you deal with, to get your pries. I don't know if that's how you feel but it's what it sounds like, and if shes not already then the day she realizes this everything will change, and not for the better.

TRY as hard as you can, there has to be something you guys have in common that you can expand on and start growing a relationship from, 90% of the reason I have no relationship with my mother to this day is because she chose the boyfriend over me, what he wanted to do, ignoring me, overruling me, and pushing me aside to get her and her time. I felt and still do feel like an outsider when I'm with them because I know how he feels, and I know she knows how he really feels, so please keep trying.

Apr 16

@Faithsummers I don't look at her as a bonus. I care about her and am trying to be active in her life, school, and friends. I'll never have children of my own and she'll be the closest thing I ever get to having a kid. I really want to be in her life but I run out of things to say. Last week we made brownies together, little stuff like that is where I am trying to start. I am only 21 I have 0 child raising experience.

Apr 16

@Faithsummers I also want to say thank you for sharing this. It gives me a look at how she may feel. I will keep trying. It's just hard I have social anxiety and when social situations goes blank my anxiety tells me to run.


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