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Am I having a mental breakdown or am I just moving on? I re

Am I having a mental breakdown or am I just moving on?
I recently cut all ties with my ex. The reasons why have a story of their own.
Since cutting ties I’ve had really up days and really down days. On my up day I decided to dye my hair pink. I’ve only ever been blonde so this was really out there for me im sure it’s no big deal to others but to me it was big. Then a couple days later major anxiety hit when leaving the house. What if I see him? Does this look like it’s because of him and I’m not coping? IS IT because of him? Am I not coping? Or am I just being free spirited? Single.
I’m having a low moment tonight and I feel totally uncertain on everything in my life atm. I feel really lonely and isolated and although a lot in my mind tells me my ex is not good for me how can I be sure I’ve made the right decision?

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Aug 17

Thanks everyone. He's sometimes so lovely and apologetic and then like today he messaged saying how awful I am?? I've done nothing. I know people sometimes say that to make themselves come across well but I really haven't. We were good and he got drunk and sent awful very abusive messages and that's how our relationship went. I'd forgive and be patient and he would be abusive then apologetic... You are right CaroRuiz I do just miss the good times I think because todays messages reminded me of the bad and they are just not worth it. I've had a much calmer life for the past month with no major anxiety which I suppose shows how my relationship was affecting me.

Aug 17

Its amazing how bad a person can treat you just because they '' love you '' .. I'm glad you're seeing the big picture here .. I know you are better without him. Having a life with no anxiety and just a sense of calm its the best feeling in the world.

Oct 12

Would u say ur reaction-response is different from any other break up uve had?


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