How do you know when a relationship is worth fighting throug

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How do you know when a relationship is worth fighting through the hard times or when it's time to call it quits?

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Apr 21

if its based on truth understanding and love then yes its worth fighting. if its based on lies, deceit and wickedness then its better to get rid of it..

Apr 21

It's happens to me Ok I made mistakes in my last relationship, I wasn't honest that was it, but I have promised myself if they don't love don't love them will only cause you pain it takes two in a relationship I realise this now, what has happened has happened don't fight for something that's not there, just start fresh I know it's hard I'm doing it know....My emotions are back on right track let yours come back

Apr 21

Only you can answer that. Relationships are too subjective and individual. I stayed with my ex for far too long because I loved him. As for truth, we were honest about all the horrible things we did behind each other's backs and we knew what to expect. In a way, we agreed to and accepted the toxic terms and almost enjoyed it.
Thank God for my Husband. Had he not come along, I'd probably still be with my ex and I'd be miserable.
The only universal indicator of a good relationship is growth. Are you growing in positive ways, in the relationship? That's what you have to ask yourself.


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