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Hello. I just wanted to introduce myself a bit. I was recent

Hello. I just wanted to introduce myself a bit. I was recently diagnosed with PTSD. I grew up in an area that saw war and my family fled to the United States not long after I was hurt in an incident.

I was a little hesitant to join an online group because I had a very negative experience with my last one. It was very difficult for me to talk about these things in the first place, and when I finally felt comfortable, there were a few people that made me feel like my problems didn’t matter. I’m hoping things are different here, and I would be willing to discuss what I’ve been through. But I will probably start out a lot slower than I did in my previous group.

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Feb 11

Thank you. Definitely hoping my experience here is better than my last

piikoi07's picture
Feb 12

Welcome to America! Hope life makes you happy here and this site encouraging.

Feb 14

@piikoi07 Thank you :) I’m actually celebrating a milestone this weekend :) This Sunday is 5 years since I officially finished the naturalization process!


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