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Could anyone with the diagnosis of dissociative identity dis


Could anyone with the diagnosis of dissociative identity disorder tell me about how they feel . I have always been very imaginative , and to mst ' spacey ' ( which phrase my abuser used to tease me ) . Lately I have been really lost in my head, thinking a lot. I have a hard time focusing , remembering where things are , and just loosing track of time . Nights feel like a different time sometimes. My wife feels I dissassociate all the time . I am not sure what that is, recovimg from PTSD amd so triggered often .

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Nov 3, 2018

Though its not my regular job, I work or I should say, volunteer time with many Veterans.
Most people think of Disassociation and adults that had traumatic childhoods. But many adults can have it due to war time also.
Because a child's psyche has not fully developed. It is easier for them to disassociate themselves from reality. Make believe is easy for a child. And imaginary friend is easy too.
As adults, some people block out their past. Some can even have two or more personalities. A very quiet docile personality. And an opposite one of aggression or more out going.
I'm supporting you also.
You may want to try to get your wife her own therapist. Not like the one you have for marriage. But to see if the therapist can get your wife to remember her past and try to move on.
You've done well it sounds like, getting sobriety and creating a life for yourself.
Obviously you both need help from the mental obstacles you both have and share.
Many Veterans have PTSD from war. Many have the added burden of disassociation from childhood also. I talk to many of them that have fought their addictions and all the emotion problems too. Many were homeless and on the verge of suicide. Shame, embarrassment and often times anger issues, have kept them from seeking the right help.
It sounds like you and your wife are at least trying together to find help.
Hit my support and we can chat anytime. You may want to find a site to talk to vets about disassociation. Though they may not be so inclined to talk to someone that's not another vet. They can be tight in that way. I'm an Army vet myself.

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Nov 4, 2018

@jarofflies I think this group is a good place to post. Just a new thread so you attract more attention.

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Jan 13

@luther Hello. Your share resonated with my current sense of lack of self. I'm new here. My icon is a big piece of ice with a shadow of a person standing under the weight and heaviness and walking away. That image is my best definition of me right now. I am trying to change my life and have slowed down my old coping behaviors and ended drama to the degree I could. But it seems I live for approval and want others to define me because I don't ever remember that I am present and can define myself. I feel so insignificant my definition of me just doesn't matter. Rejection can destroy me too. Anyway, I wanted to let you know you are not the only one-for what that is worth.


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