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November 19th, 2020


I struggle with social anxiety that does not go away, despit

I struggle with social anxiety that does not go away, despite being employed in interpersonal work. My family has a record of personality disorders. As my life gets more stressful I feel more distant and struggle with depersonalization

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Feb 17

Do you feel you are at a point where asking for help is an option?

Feb 18

CKBlossom asked a good question, are you at a point where getting help is an option? Also, have you considered trying to see if reducing stress helps with your anxiety levels?

Feb 23

I hope you find a way to stay in school. Things are getting hard for a lot of people economically these days and having an education can help. I dropped out of high school and went back to get my GED. From there, I was able to go to college. Nowadays, you can take a lot of classes online, so if you have anxiety about going to school, that could be an option. I hope you can stay in school, though, and stick it out. I don't know if there are online options for high school, but that's something you could look into.


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