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I find myself not being able to sleep tonight. I am physical

I find myself not being able to sleep tonight. I am physically tired, but I feel an intense sense of worry right now. I received news of a death of someone I know and I’m sad about although I haven’t seen the person in multiple years. I have been having increased anxiety throughout the day. It feels like my body is reacting to news my brain has already processed. I hope this makes sense. It’s a scary feeling because the physical reactions seem to be taking over. I can’t seem to relax. It is close to 3 AM and I can’t turn my mind off. I feel like I’m running. Almost winded, in fact. I have routine daily stress, but this feeling right now makes me feel out of control. It snuck up on me. The older I get I’m noticing more and more disturbances in my sleep or eating schedule or issues that I can’t really identify. Is this normal to not really know what is causing the physical manifestations to occur? To have to think back on the day, week or month to try to link it to something otherwise I can’t understand why I have back and chest pain, pounding headaches, and the overwhelming urge to throw up?

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Jul 3

Thank you. I appreciate your kind words. I’m not seeing a therapist yet. I have not had such anxiety come on that quickly. I will seek further help.

Jul 3

I am sorry to hear of your loss. My first reaction is that you are sad because you are honestly a good person and you recognize that this person had a family and friends and you realize their loss. That is a normal human reaction. Death is also a mental game changer. It makes us reflect on our own lives and those we are close to. You lose a small piece of yourself when somebody you know passes. Mourn that piece, cherish that piece, and move forward as best you can.

Jul 5

@ram8796 I really thought I have mourn, but then pain radiates through me and affects me physically. The more I think about why I can’t sleep I realize my mental state is causing my physical state. I need to do a better job at self reflection. This is one lesson for me. I’m not good with dealing with emotions. I need to work on this. Thank you some much for your caring words. I am so relived to find people that understand.


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